Media/Analyst Relations/Article Development:

  • Develop strategic marketing programs with media outlets to secure coverage in print and on-line publications.
  • Create awareness of a company and its products with key trade press editors, ensuring participation in staff written features and round-up articles.
  • Research and write press materials, including corporate profiles and backgrounders.
  • Write, edit and place articles with key trade publications.
  • Plan and promote press conferences.
  • Organize and implement media tours, including spokesperson briefing.
  • Conduct media training to company representatives before press briefings and interviews.
  • Write and distribute press releases, conduct on-line tracking of opens and click-throughs.

Web Site Development & Maintenance:

  • Analyze and evaluate current web site, comparing it to set criteria and to competitors’ sites.
  • Design effective information architecture.
  • Serve as liaison between client and web development firm and graphic designers.Write content and develop strategies for keeping content refreshed.
  • Conduct usability testing.
  • Develop and implement measurement systems with feedback loops.
  • Utilize metrics to refine copy and messaging.
  • Update copy on an on-going basis to encourage readership.

E-Newsletters/Direct email marketing

  • Develop concept, look & feel.
  • Write, edit and proofread copy.
  • Supervise production and layout.
  • Distribute and track distribution.
  • Provide tracking reports (open rates, click throughs, feedback).


  • Conduct stakeholder research by phone, in person or via Web survey.
  • Develop recommendations for scope of survey and type of questions.
  • Experienced at writing questions that get responses.
  • Provide follow up reports with hard data and definitive responses.

Video Production:

  • Act as executive producer, assembling a team of of videographers, editors, on-screen and voice over talent.
  • Work with client to develop parameters of video.
  • Write script and develop storyboards.
  • Supervise shoot.
  • Work with editor to produce finished production.

Collateral Development:

  • Develop concept, work with art director to create visuals.
  • Write, edit and proofread copy.
  • Serve as liaison between client, art director, photographer, and printer.

Speakers Bureau:

  • Research speaking opportunities at trade shows and conferences.
  • Place executives at appropriate venues.
  • Provide speaker coaching and/or speech writing.
  • Set up/promote/administer Webinars.

Trade Show Support:

  • Generate creative and effective ideas for booth development.
  • Supervise implementation of all booth graphics, all set-up requirements and tear down, including all audio/visual and video support.
  • Generate ideas for pre-show mailers and promotions.
  • Arrange for and facilitate on-site media meetings.
  • Conduct on-site research among attendees to track market trends, identify customer requirements, etc.

Social Media:

GoldsmithPR can help you integrate social media into your ongoing public relations campaigns through an integrated program that reinforces your messaging and promotes your events, products and activities.


  • Landing page design
  • Create Tab pages to support video, FourSquare, photo albums, etc.
  • Develop content stream based on events and messaging
  • Manage Live Streaming
  • Engage viewers/audience in ongoing dialogues
  • Conduct targeted advertising
  • Set up RSS feeds


  • Landing page design
  • Set up RSS feeds
  • Build audience base based on targeted audiences
  • Conduct targeted advertising


  • Set up company and group pages
  • Maintain on-going communications with current activities
  • Run targeted advertising campaigns
  • Work within targeted groups to build awareness and support products/events.

YouTube Channel Creation:

  • Leverage clients’ investment in video to extend brand awareness on YouTube.
  • Use search engine optimization techniques to garner top ratings for client videos (videos embedded in Websites are not recognized by search engines).
  • Reinforce existing Web presence with a video-based portal that will engage viewers, attract new audiences.
  • Drive content to existing Website through use of text blocks and links.
  • Learn about your audiences through extensive analytics.