YouTube hits 1-billion views per day

YouTube is putting the broadcast TV channels to shame. According to

YouTube routinely serves up more than 1 billion video views per day around the world, far surpassing its next-closest rival Microsoft and helping the site continue its strong growth, especially since being acquired by Google three years ago, according to a blog post by Chad Hurley, YouTube’s co-founder and CEO.

In August, comScore reported numbers for YouTube’s US market to be in the neighborhood of 10 million videos watched per month. Google represented 40% of all videos viewed online, while accounted for 99% of all Google videos viewed.

comScore also said that Microsoft Sites ranked a very distant #2, with 547 million (2.2%), followed by Viacom Digital with 539 million videos viewed (2.1%) and Hulu with 488 million (1.9%).

However, the latest figures from YouTube, which include global estimates, reveal that comScore’s numbers may be a significant underestimation, writes MarketingVOX.

The milestone has spurred YouTube to create a special “1 BN” logo to highlight occasion.

Trends for online video viewing show that both the number of viewers and the numbers of videos viwed continues to rise. According to a recent study by Ipos MediaCT, more than two-thirds (67%) of online Americans now report that they have streamed or downloaded digital video content from the internet, and most feel it’s reasonable to watch embedded ads in online TV and movies if the desired video content remains free-of-charge.

Nielsen also found that the the audience for mobile video viewing grew 70% in Q209.

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