Beam me up! The changing tools of our trade.

This week I flew to Las Vegas for a conference. When packing, I realized that I was bringing more electronics than clothes. Macbook, Ipad, Nook, Ipod, Flip Video camera, and digital recorder! Back in the “old days” I used to write with fountain pen and carry a Moleskine notebook!

However, the public relations professional today has the opportunity to communicate in so many ways that my “tool kit” has dramatically expanded. Podcasts are a great way to capture information that people can listen to while they travel. Flip video cameras make it oh, so easy to grab an interview and have it up on your website in minutes. And Ipads are great as presentation tools or to watch video. Certainly, my shoulders appreciate how much lighter they are to carry around than my laptop. In many cases I can now leave the laptop at home but when you need to crunch numbers and share documents the lack of a USB port on the Ipad is still too limiting.

In terms of lightening my load I also really like the Nook. Yes, I can read books on my Ipad, but not library books. The Nook is still the only mainstream e-reader that allows you to take advantage of books from your public library. It’s pretty cool to bring five or six of them along with you on a device that weighs less than a paperback.

If only I had room in my carry on luggage for a few more personal items!

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