Update on “How good is your back up system?”

Just a few weeks ago I published a post on the importance of backing up your data. Yesterday, I was very grateful that I followed my own advice!

My Macbook was not operating correctly and the disk utility showed that there was a disk error.

A quick call to my local Apple store got me an appointment that afternoon at the Genius desk where they ran their own utilities and determined I needed a new hard drive. In less than an hour I was on my way back to the office with a new drive ready to restore my system using Time Machine.

I will admit that I held my breath while my data was restored and am still slightly shocked that it all worked so well and cost me, well, nothing! Time Machine did just what it was supposed to do — my hard drive was completely restored including all my settings, email, passwords and software. Instead of rebuilding my hard drive from scratch, the whole process took about two hours.

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